About  Joshua

Synonymous to the always evolving world, Joshua Cortes is a multi-dimensional person and artist who has allowed his unique experiences to shape the world he sees/creates. As a father, Joshua has a knack for positively guiding people with the wisdom he has gained from life and it’s also seen in his very intricate style of storytelling through photography. Coming from the Bronx with Puerto Rican and African heritage, Joshua learned quickly how to make something out of nothing. Seeing and enduring such tumultuous times throughout his early age, catapulting Joshua into challenging himself to create a better future for himself; out of sheer survival.

Family and Faith plays a pivotal role in Joshua’s life and it’s what inspired him to pick a camera up and start creating. Underwhelmed by the lack of captured moments of his mother, an orphan whose life story still remains a mystery to him, Joshua saw a void that he didn’t want to leave behind for his family and loved ones to try and fill. Photography was seen as not only an outlet to remember those around him but to celebrate and immortalize them for the ones that mattered the most and the successors who will carry the legacy to even future heights.

His evolution as a photographer and director has been nothing short of inspiring with a trajectory that’s sure to be of one of the best. What Joshua found in photography was a multitude of intangibles such as mastering patience, understanding collaboration, self expression, extracting the best out of others and so much more. These special entities and his prowess for photography have resulted in him being given deserving opportunities to work with the likes of AOC, Nike, META, Footlocker, Jordan Brand and so many more. These work experiences have allowed him to show his style of photography while learning things that have equipped him to become a better man.

Having seen some of the worst things in life, Joshua is inspired to capture and create the best things his mind can imagine.

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